Online Typing Jobs No Fees – Blogging Business Better?

Online Typing Jobs No Fees – Blogging Business Better?

Why should you pay, to work? Am I the only idiot in the world, or would you agree that in a job, you are typically paid according to the hours you work, or for the amount of products you produce ? In an Online Typing Job, you SHOULD be paid for the hours you spent writing or entering data, or for the number of articles you wrote, or spreadsheets you produced. That’s only appropriate. It pains me when people actually go on the search engines looking for “Online Typing Jobs No Fees“.

Since online typing jobs pay poorly, why not start your own Blogging Business?

Unscrupulous Cheats Turned Online Typing Jobs Into a Scammers’ Market

I recently went to a networking event in a community centre, and was introduced as an Online Marketeer, Blogger and Publicist. Right after I walked down from the stage and rejoined the event proper, a middle-aged woman came up to me, pulled me aside and immediately shared with me her unfortunate story of how she repeatedly paid fees via websites to get online typing jobs, BUT NEVER LANDED A SINGLE JOB!

“I’m not poor, I’m not rich, I don’t mind paying fees, but I keep paying fees but they never give me the jobs to write! I just want to get some income… but all these websites with the typing jobs ARE LIARS!”

Online typing jobs no fees? If you’ve had, or know people who had a similar experience, I can only say, I wish I wrote this article earlier. It sucks to get cheated. I know EXACTLY what kind of sites she fell victim too. It must be something like this… when I searched the affiliate networks for “online typing jobs no fees”.

Online Typing Jobs No Fees - Perfect example of a TOTAL BS website.

Online Typing Jobs No Fees – Perfect example of a TOTAL BS website.

Hype… and over-glamortization of the online content production industry that is dominated by third-world economies like India, Brazil, Philippines and Russia.

And wait till you fill in your name and email… before long you get something like this…

Online Typing Jobs No Fees - What the hell is this? A discount on what's supposed to be FREE?

Online Typing Jobs No Fees – What the hell is this? A discount on what’s supposed to be FREE?

So, let me let you in on the…

The Truth About Online Typing Jobs No Fees – You are paid SHIT for BORING, SHITTY work!

Work from home typists, you will want to take down these three website:

These are all legit websites, which are free to join. You have to bid and pitch for jobs, and you will get paid at the end of your task, usually on escrow terms. I personally use them regularly. For instance,

  1. I hire someone to do one of my product websites, masthead and logo-design in 3 days for $150.
  2. I pay someone $50 to write 30 500-word articles on 15 given keywords.
  3. I pay $5 for someone to give me 3000 social bookmarks and post my spun articles on 500 article directories.
  4. I pay someone $5 to design two professional, ready-to-print namecards

However, the only reason why I outsource this work is because I have no expertise in the area (example 1, 4), my time is more worthy spent elsewhere than this boring work (example 2, 3).

Even so, as a hirer, I am selective. When I post a job on Freelancer, I look through all the responses I get, and this typically 14-40 replies, with prices and showcasing of their work samples. I personally look for low price, and high quality of work. The writer must also be experienced, and skilled. Sounds impossible? But it is not. There are people in India, and Philippines who hold Bachelors Degrees, and Masters Degrees, in English and Literature, working as language teachers, who write excellent articles. If you don’t write regularly, don’t have a portfolio, don’t hold a degree in English, or Literature, how can you compete? If you’re middle-aged or a retired and have never written professionally, you’re either out-gunned or out-priced! What bother with online typing jobs no fees.

Find out why writing blogs with Empower Network is FAR BETTER and MORE PROFITABLE than silly Online Typing Jobs No Fees.

What About The Higher-Paid Big Ticket Online Typing Jobs?

There are. $500-1000 to ghost-write a 400-page novel in 30 days. Or outside of writing, $3000 to recreate Linked-In website, in 45 days. The higher the pay, the higher the educational requirements, and job expectations. It’s ANYTHING but easy money.

My Honest Thoughts – Lifetime Commissions Better Than Online Typing Jobs No Fees

I’ve mentioned to you FREE SOURCES to find Online Typing Jobs No Fees. Do check them out.

On the other hand, if I’ve talked ANY sense you by now, how about this proposition?


Did you know that you can actually make money by blogging? Yes you can. Take a look at this:

Online Typing Jobs No Fees - Better ways to earn than online typing jobs..

Online Typing Jobs No Fees – Better ways to earn than online typing jobs..

How would an extra $30-190 a day change your life, and the activities you do from day to day? Blogging is simply typing your thoughts on a subject. When you blog regularly enough, there will be a sudden “Superstar Post” – something that brings a majority of your blog’s readership, and continues to do so even long after you have written it. With continuation, and proper guidance, you will be able to form a skillset to write “Superstar Posts” more and more regularly.

When you write a “Superstar Post”, it’s like making an income centre that works FOR you, on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT once you’ve written it. What if you add more and more Superstar Posts… what is that going to do for you?

If you can type and express yourself on a subject, you are capable of doing money blogging.

Online Typing Business - EARN OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

This proposition is not going to be FREE, because it is a BUSINESS, NOT A JOB like online typing jobs no fees. A business has costs. It will cost you ONLY US$25 a month to start. This $25 a month will get you a HIGHLY OPTIMIZED, READY-TO-USE blog site that unlike typical blogs, it gets you listed on the front page of Google Search Engine Results within days, versus months and not to mention, saves you a heck lot of confusion! When you start making money and want to further expand your money blogging business, you are free to invest in additional article submission tools, or subcontracting to cheap writers in third world countries, when you are in a better position to. Then, you will soon understand how these tools make a clear difference between mediocre success and big success. And, because this is a business, not a job, you will get LIFETIME COMMISSIONS for your writing efforts (or those you paid to write for you), done on your own blog.

What you will receive:

  • A done-for-you Viral Blogging Platform access. $497 Value
  • High Converting Lead-Capture Pages $297 Value
  • 8-Part Fast Start Video Training $397 Value
  • Website Hosting, Plugins and Design Theme $247 Value
  • Weekly Once-A-Week Success Coaching Calls $97 Value
  • You Get Your Work DISCOVERED and READ by 1000s of people on the Internet $PRICELESS!

You will ALSO receive:

  • FULL RESALE RIGHTS to this same Powerful Blogging System and Online Business Kit so that you that you can offer this product to others and Receive $25 PER PERSON, PER MONTH!

In Addition – MY BONUS!

It is true that the included components above alone will help NEARLY EVERYONE succeed. But what about the small number of people not included in “Nearly everyone”? This is for those who, after reading this post, and my recommendation, you want to do your own Online Typing Business, want to earn all those LIFETIME COMMISSIONS,  but have never written for a living, and really have no clue just where to start.

Julian Wong and Empower Network Founder David Sharpe at RWS Convention Centre

Julian Wong and Empower Network Founder David Sharpe at RWS Convention Centre

ONLY IF YOU TAKE ACTION and START NOW, you will also receive my Specially Created, 60-Day Email Coaching Program, featuring:

- How to submit your First Blog Post
– How to create your first “Superstar Post” that will be pulling to your site traffic and leads 24/7 on total AUTOPILOT
– How to do On-Page SEO with Empower Network blog’s built in plugin to get your writings easily discovered on the internet.
– How to do Off-Page SEO with LITTLE-KNOWN marketing tools available FOR YEARS on the Internet – For even MORE discovery!
And more…

So start your own typing business by blogging for money with the Best Blogging Platform around – Empower Network Viral Blogs.

To your online success,

Julian Wong 

P.S. If you can’t see what a blogging business is better, WATCH THIS.


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